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Welcome to S*Courelle's Cattery!
















A dream has come true! Soon a wonderful classic tabby girl will move in with us...

Her name is Himmeltindens Mary Rose and she is an OSH b 22.

Thank you so much Aino, I am so greatful!




We hope we will have our first litter of white kittens in October...

See more on "Kittens"-page....



We have a new girl!

Welcome HU*Imladris Indil Scarlett O´Hara, osh w 61

Thank you Renáta Harmat and Gabriella Szarka at HU*Imladris catter for

one more beautiful kitten




I hope you will have a nice time here, looking at our beloved familymembers.

If there is anything you are wondering about, don't hesitate to contact me.


Thank you for dropping in!

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